About Legna Care

Our Story

Legna, read backwards, pertains to the word Angel (Gr. Angelos – messenger), meaning a spiritual being that acts as a messenger of God or a person of exemplary conduct and virtue.

Born out of a passion for exemplary healthcare services, Legna Care is now an established temporary recruitment agency. We recognise that a skilled, experienced and qualified workforce is a valuable asset and, with our associates in the health industry, place only the best candidates thus enabling the provision of top quality medical services to clients.

The Legna Care recruitment process complies fully with UK legislation. Clients and professional candidates can be confident that our agency will ensure that staff who are placed have the necessary qualifications to meet UK quality control standards.

Legna Care Staffing Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s independent authority for upholding information rights. We can therefore assure clients and staff that their data will be dealt with properly and legally.

Additionally, the privacy policy of our agency complies with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which includes both protecting the rights of staff, clients and partners, as well as the agency itself from the risk of data breach.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and ability to provide quality end results to both clients and professional candidates. Legna, born from the word angel, provides a vast range of opportunities while ensuring an efficient, complete and compassionate service because to us…. caring matters.


Legna Care philosophy is to accurately understand and match the skills, experiences, and potential of nursing candidates to the qualifications needed by clients in order to provide high quality healthcare services.


The mission of Legna Care Staffing Ltd is to provide the highest quality care and excellence in our services to both candidates and clients, in order to improve medical management in the health industry.

Located in Jhumat House 160 London Road, Barking, London United Kingdom, IG11 8BB. Legna Care Staffing Ltd is a highly professional registered agency providing competent and experienced clinical and non-clinical staff to the UK healthcare institutions. 

Recognised by top level healthcare professionals for its ability to provide opportunities with UK employers, Legna Care Staffing Ltd can provide healthcare professionals whose performance and experience are considered to be second to none by our current affiliated care homes and hospitals. The healthcare staff can be booked on an arranged or on-going basis 7 days a week.